A Roof is a yearlong project from 360 North and KTOO Public Media examining homelessness and affordable housing in Alaska.

Housing First Across the Country is the second in a series of A Roof town hall forums.

Internationally recognized Housing First experts Sam Tsemberis and Bill Hobson join moderator Nancy Burke from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority for a discussion about this growing movement that addresses chronic homelessness.

This fascinating look at the topic was recorded during the 2014 Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness Conference in Juneau.

Watch individual sessions from the conference at our Videos page.

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Percentage of new homes in Alaska built between 2002-2012 that were constructed in the Mat-Su


Estimated number of homeless people in Alaska in 2014.


Average rent in Alaska.


Average cost of a single-family home in Alaska.

Sources: Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development and Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness

This project is funded by the Public Affairs Fund for Homelessness and Appropriate Affordable Housing. Contributors include the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, the Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness, and NCADD-Juneau, in partnership with the Juneau Clean Air Coalition.